Private Classes

A tailored program based on individual lessons for those who are looking for a course designed specifically according to each individual’s own professional or personal needs held on a timetable chosen by the student.


It’s never too late to learn

Not sure where to begin?

No problem. We develop a unique learning path for each individual student.


We’re a school for the whole family

Italiano and Spanish for  childrens? Sì, sì!

We think learning Italian and Spanish should be fun for everyone. Our children’s classes are a wonderful place to start your child’s Italian and Spanish education and feed their curiosity.

Learn Italian & Spanish

Have you ever wanted to learn another language? That’s just what our founder Damary Ordones wanted to do as a young woman.

Damary School was created to help take the learning experience to another level, focusing not only on the basics, but on real life conversations and experiences which is what really sets us apart from other language institutes. Damary  has developed key approaches that helps students go from a novice to fluency

MY approach to teaching is to encourage you to immerse yourself in authentic Italian and Spanish habits to help understand the importance of Italian and Spanish  culture, while learning to speak like a local. You’ll constantly be exposed to traditions, culinary secrets, folklore and words.


We evaluate each student carefully, focusing on their language level and expectations for the school. I'll work together with you to create your plan to determine the best solution to achieve your goals.