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Italian and Spanish


Teaching Philosophy

Each one of my language professors has enriched me with a different types of  teaching methodology and with a diverse styles in approaching the teaching of a foreign language, giving me the possibility, as an instructor, to implement them according to a particular group of students. When I face a group of students for the first time, I evaluate which characteristics does it have in learning a set of skills and determine which method works best for them, in order for these students to feel comfortable with the learning of a foreign language.

My teaching philosophy is one that focuses on changing and self questioning, so my teaching practices remain germane to my current and my future students and my conceptualisation to learning open to suggestions and creative endeavors.

In my classes I try to limit the amount of lecturing to essential background information: historical context, overview of the geography and relevant cultural singularity. Instead, I favor small-group activities and I act as a facilitator, letting the students build bridges between the objectives of the course and their specific interests, as if they were the owner of their learning experience. Of course, this does not mean that small-talk replaces thoughtful conversations. I would like to keep developing strategies to ensure that students leave my classes eliciting what they have learned.

In planning my lessons I prefer the task based instruction according to which learners first know the vocabulary and the grammar, then, they have the possibility to practice this knowledge in small group works and last, they can elicit it individually showing the mastering of the objectives of each task. I include in my classes songs related to the grammatical issue studied, as well as poems and pieces of literature works according to the real students level in order for them not to feel frustrated. Moreover, I include videos and new technology for making lessons interactive and for teaching culture and traditions ensuring that language skills and cultural knowledge are always integrated.

Italian or Spanish as a Second Language

More and more people around the world are choosing Italian  or Spanish as a second language. follows  in the rankings of most popular languages among students


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A tailored program based on individual lessons for those who are looking for a course designed specifically according to each individual’s own professional or personal needs held on a timetable chosen by the student.


Individualized attention helps kids go farther

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